What are the basics about the Parenting at IBC Conference?

DATE: Saturday, September 21, 2013
8:30 a.m. – 2 p.m. (conference kicks off at 9 a.m.)
LOCATION: Irving Bible Church | The Commons
COST: $10 per person (scholarships available)
CHILDCARE: Free for children ages birth-5th grade
REGISTRATION: Required (including for adults and childcare)

Can I attend the Parenting at IBC Conference and the pre-conference event?

The Parenting at IBC Conference (Saturday) is open to everyone and the moms only event (Friday evening) is open to all women.

  • You do not need to attend or be a member of Irving Bible Church.
  • You do not need to be a Christian or even a church-going person.

Parenting at IBC is a ministry of Irving Bible Church. If you have any questions about “who we are” as a church, you can read more about us on the IBC website.

What is the location for the Parenting Conference?

The Parenting at IBC Conference (and the pre-conference events) will be held at Irving Bible Church, located near I-635 and Belt Line Road at the corner of Kinwest Parkway and Regent Boulevard in Irving, Texas.  Click here for more information and directions to Irving Bible Church.

What is the cost to attend?

The Parenting at IBC Conference on Saturday is $10 per person.  We do offer scholarships for those in need.  Contact Mary Ann Connor at for more information.  We will be asking for donations to cover the cost of lunch on Saturday.  The Friday evening event, Get Real: The Truth About Being a Successful Mom is free for all women!

What if I register and then need to cancel?

This is very important, so please read carefully.  Because space at the conference is limited, it is very important that we receive any cancellations no later than one week before the conference date. This will allow us to offer the canceled space(s) to those on our waiting list and ensure that we do not incur unnecessary expenses. Cancellations after that date will result in “wasted” space and costs. Your cooperation with this cancellation policy will allow us to continue to offer quality events and conferences free of charge.

To cancel your registration email Mary Ann Connor at

What’s for lunch?

We will provide a light breakfast and lunch for each person attending the conference on Saturday. For lunch you can choose either a Chick-fil-a sandwich (with chips and a brownie) or a salad (with a brownie). Breakfast will include juice, coffee, fruit, donuts, and pastries. We understand that some people have food allergies or sensitivities therefore if the above menu is not acceptable for you, please make plans to bring your own food. Thanks for your help and understanding.

Do you offer foster/adoptive parent training credits?

Foster and adoptive parents may be able to count attendance at the Parenting at IBC Conference toward their required continuing education training. At the end of the conference, we will provide certificates of attendance as documentation for your agency or CPS. You can earn up to three hours of training credits at the Parenting at IBC Conference. If you have questions about whether your agency will give credit for the Parenting at IBC Conference, please be sure to check with your agency in advance.

Will you record the sessions and have a conference bookstore?

We will audio and video record most of the breakout sessions as well as the general session, and at the end of the day you will be able to purchase CDs and DVDs of these session recordings.

In addition, this year’s Parenting at IBC Conference will feature a bookstore where attendees will be able to purchase books and resources highlighted throughout the course of the conference, as well as session recordings from previous Parenting at IBC Conferences.

Is childcare available for the Parenting at IBC Conference?

Unfortunately, we will not be able to offer childcare for the Friday Mom’s Only event.

On Saturday, if you have no other options for childcare, limited childcare space is available at KidsRKids adjacent to the IBC campus for ages birth through 5th grade. You may register for childcare here by noon on September 17.  If you need childcare for a special needs child, please email Shannon at